How To Assess Your Emotions. Part 2


In my 2nd article on understanding and owning our emotions, I would very much like to talk about how, quite often, we can get our own emotions quite wrong! Surprise, surprise! Yes, I said “WRONG”! And yes, I said that we don’t always understand the real emotions we are feeling in a certain moment.

There was an article on psychology that I have read some time ago. It said a lot about our stress level in our everyday lives, but also, how we misunderstand quite a bunch of our emotions when we are feeling them, especially when it comes to the negative ones or the overwhelming ones. I then had the idea of writing a post about it, and let you know about this theory. Because, hey, I think we all deserve to know what is going on in our heads and our hearts!

With a little research and an inclination to write things simply, I have compiled a list of 5 emotions we might be getting wrong and the underlying feelings we might be actually experiencing:

emotions description_cropped1

emotions description_cropped2So here they are, the 5 most common emotions that we may sometimes confuse with something else.

Again, my aim with this article is to help you correctly identify your feelings, be always aware of them and see what they are telling you about your life or your present situation, so that you can address what’s going on in a correct and efficient way.

Also, I want to support you in any possible way, so remember one thing – there is no good or bad emotion, there is only our reaction to them that has a good or bad outcome!

To connect the dots of all the ideas carried by this 2-part series, I kindly invite you to check the link to the first blog post: How to Assess Your Emotions. Part 1

In the end, don’t be afraid to feel and show the World your Awesomeness!

2 thoughts on “How To Assess Your Emotions. Part 2

  1. Great article, Ina!
    We are talking more and more about emotions, but don’t actually know how to manage them.
    Congrats for the good job and good luck for Part III 😉


    1. Thank you so so so so much, Olga!!!! I am extremely happy this article was of help for you, and let me tell you that sometimes I find it hard myself to manage and understand my own emotions. As a true human being, this article was challenging for me, but also such a blast to write!
      Feeling blessed and sending you lots of good thoughts!!! 🙂 :-*


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