From a Different Perspective

When rain doesn’t stop you from anything

It is such a lovely morning today, here in Montreal! It’s pouring like crazy outside, people are running with their umbrellas under the rain (although there are others who lounge around the streets as if La Dolce Vita established itself here in downtown Montreal), there are not many cars on the street despite the normal traffic hour, I’m also wet up to my waist (blame the Montreal winds) – but I LOVE IT!

I don’t know how about you, but I love the rain. I love the calm, the freshness and the beauty it brings to a city and to the nature. To me, there’s nothing wrong with the rain, same as there’s nothing wrong with a beautiful sunny day. So I feel like giving you a different perspective on things that we think are dull, on our state of mind, on life.

On my way to work, at 8 am, I went to a shop to buy a smoothie, something I do rather rarely. This morning felt like the right one to go in that shop. Upon my entrance and the usual “Bon matin” to the staff, I was greeted with this smiling, energetic and singing-out-loud man behind the counter who stated with such a cheer that compares to nothing but a smile of a child, that (in French): “It is such a wonderful day today! I have so much energy! I slept so well last night that I’m in love with this day!”. I was ecstatic to hear this, because this was exactly what I was feeling, so I replied back to him: “Oh yes, and it’s so comfortable out there, so fresh and so serene! So put it up there, ‘cause we’ve got this day right!” We high-fived with a loud clap of our palms, that I could bet people outside could hear it. And we laughed. We laughed so hard and we exchanged so many nice phrases, that we both ended our conversation and encounter feeling recharged, as if we’ve been friends who just met after a separation of several years and who had so much to relate to each other.

The second beautiful encounter happened only a few minutes later, in the parking lot I pass by right before I get to work. There was a woman walking with no umbrella, soaked to the bones, with only her parka hoodie covering her head, who just felt like saying (in English this time): “Ooohhh, this is so lovely!” (in a very sarcastic way), and I couldn’t but try to help her out, so I replied: “Isn’t it so though? So where’s the beach and our SPF right now?” Oh my goodness, if you could see the expression on her face changing into a smile and then a laughter that resounded in the entire lot, so beautiful and gleeful. We laughed for a couple more moments together, and we parted by wishing each other a wonderful day and an even better long weekend.

There you go, the 2 people that made my day on this rainy morning, and to whom, I may only suppose, my little phrases made a bit of a difference for the day to come, as well.

So today, tomorrow, or on any given day, all I wish you could do is try to look at things from a different perspective, from a better perspective. Because, in the end, there’s always some magic about our days, even if we perceive some of them boring, hard, challenging or too ugly to get by. Seeing the beauty of our days is no harder than waking up at 5:30 am, when all you want to do is snooze your alarm. So go ahead – make wonders happen.

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