About Me

I grew up in a small town with a post-soviet education that had very specific rules about how I must listen to the eldest, how I should behave and how I must go about my life. Growing up, I was encouraged to do things one way. Later in life, though, when I had to leave the house and start living on my own, I discovered the hard way that life isn’t always fun as I thought it was.

I learned Life the hard way. Really hard way! I had moments when I knew what I was doing and many other moments when I simply bumped into as many roadblocks as there were. And even more. All of that time, the only thing I wished I had in my life was not money, a good place to stay and fun every weekend, but a person, a mentor to help me navigate through life with a little more guidance and clarity.

It was not meant to be.

So, this website represents my legacy towards helping all of you understand life from a different perspective, learn new things from my mistakes, learn to embrace your emotions that the society so much wants to hide away from, but also, have a laugh when reading my real-life stories and personal experiences.

I believe in every human being out there. I believe in the fact that we are all the kings and queens of our own lives and my mission is to encourage and empower you to move in the direction you choose for yourself, even if you are not sure of it at times.

Be Brave! Be Bold! Be Unapologetic!

Be Scared! Be Uncertain! Make Mistakes!

Life is not perfect and it shouldn’t be. Accept it and rock this World with what you have best at hand – YOURSELF!!!

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