Why not spread a little love!

Have you ever had that feeling when you feel elated for no special reason? When you wake up in the morning and just look outside the window and feel happy. When it doesn’t matter if it’s sunny or cloudy. When the events in your life have nothing to do with your state. You just feel joy and happiness. An elation that comes from nowhere, but is so big, you can spread it to the whole world and you feel that the light within you can colour a thousand worlds and a million miles of nature. This unearthly feeling lives within you every day and it just waits to burst, because it knows when you need to feel a little more special and a little more alive!
I believe that every person living has a power within that is greater than anything else in the world. It’s a power gifted to all of us when we are born, and that we get to use whenever we want to. I woke up this morning feeling a wonderful joy, as if my Guardian Angel was trying to tell me “Wake up and feel the world! Feel the laughter of your soul and the love to everything breathing! Don’t waste your day with things that consume you or bring you down. Give a little of yourself to whomever needs it today or ever. Be happy for no reason, so someone smiles for no reason too. Be kinder than your usual kindness and lend a hand to the one in need. The power you need – I’ll give it to you, trust me!” To someone it might sound absurd, but to me – it makes a perfect sense. I spend days filling my day with household chores, care for my family, plans for the week or the weekend, follow up with family and relatives, and sometimes, but sometimes, I get to stop, breath and think about the fact that I am alive and in good health. I do pray every night and give gratitude for everything I have in my life, my family and all, I do talk to strangers in the street everyday (which gives a special tinge to my day), but in my soul, I feel burdened by my tasks and concerns. In true words, I would love to spend more time giving back, be that my energy or resources, I do think the world is too distant and cold these days and people seem to work counterproductive, no matter what performances everybody declares, yet, I refuse to give in to this madness, because I know that I have a light within me that can make the difference to someone. I’m not talking about “changing the world” shit, I’m saying that today someone might need a little kindness or a big smile from me, from my child or husband, and why not share it in a big way. And if someone needs a dollar or five, I can manage that too. A little pep talk, a pat on the shoulder, offering your cart at the mall, offering your turn in the line to someone in hurry, or holding their bags of groceries for no matter what reason, closing their open trunk when they start moving from parking lot, stopping someone from crossing the street when they didn’t see a car coming – there are so many little things we can all do, every single day, to make someone feel better, feel happier, feel accomplished, and even safe! 
And if anyone starts seeking a reward for their actions, they probably weren’t coming from deep inside their soul. I believe in sheer kindness and honest actions. I believe in bad as much as in good, and I believe these two go hand in hand often. Moreover, I believe in love that consumes 🙂
It might coincide with Holy Easter holidays, but through this post, a part of my soul goes to every person reading this! I hope you share your greatness and love with the world whenever you feel an abundance of feelings. I hope your kindness reaches the universe around you, because you really are that wonderful!

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