Catchy internet phrases: for real?

A week or so ago I’ve seen quite often on Facebook the following phrase: 
“Wherever you go, you take yourself with you.”
This phrase, in itself, brings a negative vibe to the whole story. I, for one, choose to look further than the horizon and I choose to see more than what is said.
Yes, no matter where you go, no matter your path in life, you take yourself with you. You are you and nobody can change it…but YOU. Yet, because we wander places, because we meet people, abandon others, shape life, we also take with us a whole baggage of experience. We take with us the hopes and disappointments we feel, the ups and downs, the joy and sorrow, the good and the evil, the simple and the complex, the yes and no, the days, weeks, months and years that stand behind us and will never go away, because at some point in our lives, we chose to do something, and that something already happened.
I feel a notch of stigma here, again. Yes, life can be drenching and it sucks from time to time, it throws you out of your path to teach you things you don’t want to learn (but end up learning in the end), and you feel like sticking your hands up and giving up for the good of life. And yet you don’t. You go out with your family or friends, you discuss your latest problems and shitty days, you fill yourself up with food and booze, and start to relax a bit. Out of a sudden, life doesn’t seem such a bitch anymore. You start to think that this hard time is just a phase in your life to make you stronger and wiser. And then spirits calm down. This all is called Survival. People are wired to venting out when they’re stressed, they’re wired to do everything in their possibility to get over the hardships, and I consider it a beautiful thing.
As to the part of the quote stating that people tend to abandon their previous dwelling for a new one, I believe people are entitled to do ABSOLUTELY anything they want in this life. 
When you feel sad, unmotivated, repulsive, and negative, per general, in a certain place, you are the Leader of your life. If you know that some place doesn’t represent you anymore, do yourself a favour – don’t sabotage yourself and move on with your life wherever you feel like going. (The change is difficult, but it’s definitely worth it.) It’s the freedom of life to live your own destiny. It’s the gift nobody can take away from you. You might discover that the world is actually full of opportunities and craziness, the kind of craziness you needed in your life. You might start knowing yourself better than before and rediscovering that energy that lay in your heart and your soul idle for so much time. You’re not missing out on anything, trust me, on the contrary, you have a treasure in your hands that is thirsty to thrive – your FUTURE!
You can call me a dreamer, which I actually am, no shame in that, but I choose to see the positive side of my crapy days. I prefer to vent out in the most outrageous manner possible, but end my day with the feeling of accomplishment and love. I choose to make my own mistakes to be able to build a better future, the kind of future I WANT. And I hope that all of you will choose the same – to be Masters of your own lives, no matter what other people say!


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