I’m Going Back to School!


Hello my dears,

It’s 2019 already and I can’t believe that half of January has already gone.

I hope your year started amazingly great on full power and I truly hope that it will be a good one for everyone.

Speaking of my 2019 – one of the biggest events was that I started university, 10 years after graduating another one back in my home country!

To render a little bit of my excitement about this particular event, allow me to tell you how much I’ve wanted to pursue my graduate studies in a 1st world country and be able to strive for more. For me, higher education means more than food – it gives me grounds for constant learning, development, networking, working-style shifting and, of course, a myriad of professional options to back up my knowledge.


So, last year, I jokingly submitted my documents to the university ranked # 2 most prestigious in Canada. I never gave it too much of a hope and I tried as hard as possible to remain realistic, as opposed to dreamy and anticipating, because I knew the admittance competition was too high and the selection process was tough. Nevertheless, I’m a hopeless hoper (if that even makes sense), so, in the back of my head, I wanted to get into the university so badly. Fast forward to several months of waiting, I finally received the letter that stated my admittance into the Graduate Program – Human Resources Management! How cool is that! 😀

The process didn’t stop there; I was still due some documents and some proof of one thing or another. And, to my surprise, there’s so much more paperwork and logistics (including an entrance exam before submitting my documents during the 1st stage) behind the admission process than I expected, mostly because it was easier to apply in my country of origin.


Again, fast-forward to my first day of class, I can officially say – I Can’t Believe My Luck!

I feel blessed to be there every week. I’m anticipating my classes like a little girl. I feel eager to learn. I feel privileged to be in the position I am right now.

And the best part of it all is my first course of choice – Organisational Behaviour!!! A topic I’m completely in love with. A profession that I would do without a blink of an eye.

In the meantime, I have thought of you all, too. I’ve thought about the fact that you can learn about psychology and human resources, too, through me. And so, in every blog post of mine on a professional-oriented topic, I will share with you something new that I have learned.


Here is today’s newly learned thing:

Extroversion and Introversion.

Until now, we have all accredited extroversion and introversion as being an individual’s part of personality. We say that extroverts are those loud, successful people who make themselves remarked by everybody around them, and that the introverts are those who are quiet and, most probably, under-performing. Well, as it turns out, extroversion and introversion are not exactly a full reflection of the personality, but rather they represent the source of the energy for both types! To be exact:

  • Extroverts seek and find their energy in all that surrounds them – talking to people, holding meetings, having an active social life, etc.; anything that activates them from the outside.
  • Introverts are easily energized by time spent alone, with their thoughts and new ideas, meaning anything they can find within themselves. They don’t seek constant social interaction.

Now, a very important fact – both preferences (types) have nothing to do with the level of social skills and self-confidence (traits we are inclined to attribute to extroverts)! 

There are introverts who have amazing social skills and have a high self-esteem, thus performing great in their every-day settings. And there are extroverts who are exactly the opposite. There are advantages and disadvantages to both types, but, in the end, nobody is perfect.

So, my call for you today is to be kinder to each other, to see people around you as personalities and not just individuals we tend to judge for x or y. Let’s forget our differences for some time, and let’s concentrate on what matters the most – our quality time spent together, our little jokes and wonderful energy flowing around the room, our words of support and understanding to each other, our meals shared together, be that with our families, our co-workers, our bosses, our neighbours, or even our pets.

Much love to you all and let me know if you want to know more about the theory I study.

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