My List of Practical Things To Have in Life

Now, listen up my dear readers, I have one question for you:
How many times in life you wished you had something that would make your life easier that moment/day or existence, in general?
I, for one, am currently living on the dream of acquiring something or, why not, inventing that special thing, that would transform my life into a magical princess castle with bows, glitter and candy. Just kidding, a clean, normal house is enough. And I’ll take the candy too 😉
So, for quite some time already, I came up with a list of things I would love to have in my life right now. Here they are:
1.     Shoes on zippers ONLY!
My every morning routine is a chaos full of running around the house, sweating couple of times from trying to get my kid ready for daycare, time flying by as crazy and shortness of breath. When I get to the moment of putting my shoes on, oh Gosh, how I hate those laces. Ain’t nobody got time for laces! I just wished I owned more than one pair of shoes on a zip…
2.     Automatic dirt sucking entrance mat.
You know how you clean your entry mat every 1-2 days and it still is dirty as F even at the end of the first day? Well, good news – women/moms or men/dads are always there to clean them. Bad news – nobody actually wants or has time to waste cleaning them.
3.     Washing machine with built-in dryer.
The metallic stands are one way to do it, but again, we’re talking about time and space here. Dryers – amazing invention, but you spend additional time transferring the clothes from washing machines into them. My suggestion – have an additional cycle on a washing machine, that would actually dry those clothes.
4.     Floor mopping vacuum robot.
I think those vacuum robots can go an extra mile and have a mopping cycle, ‘cause, why not. Magic of technology.
5.     Digital, voice-activated-every-day-personal-stylist for those emergency days when your kid won’t wear one or another piece of clothing just because, which is pretty much everyday.
6.     Ironing boards with a built-in steamer.
You just place your piece on it and it irons it in couple of seconds, without you actually touching an iron, a clothing piece, or the board.
7.     Self wiping dining tables and chairs.
If you’re a mom, you know the incredible amount of food debris you need to clean up after your kids, 3-5 times a day. I feel y’ all!
8.     One-click foldable strollers, booster seats, bicycles, or any objects moms use for their kids.
Have you tried to enter into your building hall with a screaming child who wants to get out of her stroller, taking her out, pushing the stroller with just one hand to the door while trying to catch your kid when she’s about to fly facedown on the floor, while also folding that stroller for space saving’s sake? Well, I have, and that’s not fun at all. And that’s a good reason why.
9.     One SINGLE cook book with meals to prepare in under 40 mins.
I say only one single book, because there are so many options available out there (the internet is full of sometimes too fancy recipes, as if we have all been eating out of golden-rimmed china and golden tableware). I actually spend those 40 mins on searching for the fitted book to take home, that get my kid bored, then she throws a fit, she runs away from me and my errand is over.
If you are thinking right now to tell me that I need to research the internet before going and buying a cook book, well, guess what – you know that stroller story I just mentioned in #8? A lot of this happens in the house too, and surfing the WWW with your composed self is just not happening.
Again, this my list of things I would have loved to have in my life, be they too fantastic to imagine or not.
I wonder what are the objects you wished you had to help you in your every day life, so don’t hesitate to post them in comments, or simply make your own list to consider. Who knows, maybe, one day, one of us will invent that one machinery, that will change our lives forever J
P.S. This text is dedicated to all the hard-working women out there, who don’t have enough time in a day, and who want to organise their lives in a very efficient way, moms or not.

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