A Christmas Mishap and How I Dealt With It

Today I feel like talking about Christmas and the frenzy it comes with, every single year. I love Christmas and everything related to it (that’s why I let a lot of mishaps go by, I guess 😉), yet, I believe people need a cheer once in a while, because this holiday can also get heavy, emotionally speaking.
I actually started to write a text on differences and misconceptions between Russian and English languages, but I realized it is such a big and messed up topic, that I’d rather leave it to the linguists. Nevertheless, just let me make my point clear – both languages are complex, rich, and versatile. No – Russian is not the riches language in the world, nor will it ever be (think Chinese, which has over 3000 characters in its alphabet). And no – English is not stupid or too easy, it can F*** you up big time if you don’t know it too well. My final suggestion: go learn some advanced English, then we’ll have this conversation in detail.
My husband straightening the tree
But back to my topic of Christmas “hardships”.
Yesterday, pretty much everything was going against my odds. Despite the -21° C  -24°C real feel outside, I was quite determined to finish up some tasks I was putting off because one reason or another. Because my husband took the car to work, I had to walk to the store during a light snow storm (the kind of stuff that gets all the snow in your face, your eyes, your ears under the hat, freezes your face to its finish, and hinders you to take a step from time to time, all this while making your way through snowy sidewalks). Thank God the store is only 15 mins away from our house! So, I get to the store. I have a list in my hand so I know what I need to buy and I plan in my head some 45-50 mins to spend there. I cruise between the aisles, get some stuff from the shelves, then I get in the Christmas decorations and cards section. Pam-pam-paaaaammm!!!! I need only some gift tags and a set of stickers for my daughter – how hard can it be, right? Boy was I wrong!!! It took me a whole hour to find that damn pack of gift tags (Luxury Gift Tags set, they say on the package, damn it!). Guess what happened next? I spent another 30 mins choosing stickers for my kid. And the problem wasn’t only in not knowing what to choose, but their positioning in the store as well. I had to “leisurely” stroll through the premises, then dig deep on the shelves to find where the Christmas stickers are. It’s as if they want you to buy the kind of product they want you to have, yet, you need to be an expert mine digger to find the product you need. Anyways, I went out the store feeling hungry, wanting to use the restroom, and perspired all and through.
The evening came quickly. Did my routine of picking my daughter from daycare. Arrived home with sore hands and back from pulling the slay in the snow, which was still not removed form the streets. Heated dinner and had a quick meal with my child. Read books, sang some songs, danced, stuck stickers on walls and in “My Sticker Album” (apparently that’s a real thing!), until my husband came and we continued our evening together.
Taking a shortcut to the final disaster of the day – our Christmas tree fell majestically straight on the floor, knocking all the decorations down, ruining some toys, breaking our child’s ceramic decorations we want to collect for her every Christmas, and splashing water all over the floor! It was 10:55 pm, and we were more than pissed off. I spent full 3 days to finish to decorate the tree, and I was not happy… That was the boiling point I said I can’t do it without help. So we opened up some beer. We quickly wiped up the water from the tree stand, so it wouldn’t penetrate the wooden flooring, and we swept the fallen needles (which could, by themselves, constitute a smaller tree for the kitchen or our bedroom). Couple more sips of beer, and we were ready to put back all the lights, decorations and garlands to where they belonged. One hour and a half later, we were done with our very unnecessary and exhausting task. The luckiest thing of it all – our child didn’t wake up from her sleep despite the terrible noise of a falling tree! Can you imagine dealing with that too?! 😂🙈😆
This is how our tree looks now, poor thing
Today, I just don’t like how the tree looks. It’s not right, in my opinion, not like I wanted it to be. But I also don’t care. My husband likes it, my daughter adores it, we have fun around it every single evening, so this is all that matters. It warms my heart to see my child gently touching the globes on the tree and saying expressively “Woooowwwww”, reading her Christmas books with Santa, recognizing the tree in them and saying “tee, tee” while also pointing to our tree, so glorious in the corner of the room. And most of all, my husband and I had a good ol’ time laugh trying to put the tree together and cleaning up all the mess it made.

So, no matter what happens to you this holiday season, just don’t take it too seriously. There are so many amazing things you can do instead – open a bottle of wine/ Martini/champagne/whisky, watch a movie, listen to Christmas songs, grab a bite full of carbs, read a book you forgot about, do some silly tests online, just whatever keeps you pleased. Don’t dwell on the negative, instead, give yourself some love, thus, giving love to all around you!

Our daughter’s decorations.
I bet you can’t say the angel was headless before 😉




Happy Holidays you all! Enjoy the silliness!

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