Why don’t we talk more about our men?

For the past 10 years or so, the internet was over-the-top full of quotes and contents like “women are all”, “women should be respected and praised for everything they do”, “inequality between men and women”, “women are the keepers of the family and the house”, etc. etc. etc. Women, women, women. Everywhere.
About men I usually read quotes stating that men are the lions of the jungle, men are supposed to be the seducers and possessors of beautiful women, men should be successful, have nice things and drive awesome cars. No less. 
Another majority of men, besides being bread winners, must be the ones to come home and have the rest they so much deserve, without being bothered by wife or kids.
It seems like the society is putting some so-called “stamps” (also called stereotypes) on men and women, that we must all behave in a way or another, and that everybody has his/her role in this society. Well – I don’t go by the rules and I certainly don’t agree with these stereotypes!
Don’t get me wrong, I do believe women do a COSMIC amount of work, both home and at their jobs, for what, I believe, nothing and nobody can compare to them. But there are also MEN who work as hard as women, help around the house just as much, take care of their kids when the wife is out (be that her job, her beauty salon appointment, her meet-up with girls, or gym), they might get even less sleep than their partner, and they go on with their job and chores without complaining!
I believe, from the bottom of my heart, that these men deserve just as much praise as the women do. I believe the society should talk more about them and recognize the huge responsibility they carry in regards to their families. I believe they deserve some kind of medal for going through everyday hardships, for continuing being positively active and involved at home, and not say a word about how much they’re tired. And thank God they don’t have any tearful breakdowns like women do, when they start sobbing over how unfair life is!
I don’t understand why, in the 21st century, we still hear phrases and comments from people we know, saying: “Oh my, why would you wash dishes/mop the floor/change diapers … (insert any household chore comment women usually do, that men are not supposed to do, because it’s not manly – duuuhh!)? You’re so weak if you can’t make your wife do all these things. You’re not man enough. You’re subdued by a woman (or how men love to call women – pussy!)”, etc.
I mean, come on, were you raised in a Palace as a King/Prince, where you had maids and servants to wipe your ass and do all the stuff for you, so that you wouldn’t have to lift your precious, diamond fingers? Did mom always chew your food for you and fed you out of her mouth, like birds do? I’m sure moms tried to involve everybody in the household chores, but maybe some didn’t succeed, somehow.
Haven’t you people heard of gender equality? Can’t you simply imagine, or maybe think, that there are sane families who actually LIKE to share responsibility, and men feel very comfortable about it? Do you think you’re man enough if you let your wife do everything for you, for your kids and herself? Oh, forgive me, she barely ever remembers about herself!
I think I made my questions sound like I’m addressing only to men (which probably I do, I guess), but they are not intended to insult anyone, they’re just addressed in hope that people will ponder upon what – first of all – we do in our own families, what we do FOR our families, and if there’s room for improvement. As we all know, families don’t work unless we do, and families don’t progress if we sit and do nothing, or want to do nothing at all.
Men, husbands, are more than important in a family, because they’re the hard rocks for their wives, they’re the funny daddies for their children, they’re the bros of the hood/family, and they’re just amazing people whom you can rely on.
I, for all, have a husband that’s more than I ever asked from life (for which I’m infinitely grateful to life to have gifted me the opportunity to marry this man!), I believe and follow the gender equality, and I call for all the women to remember what a great job your men are doing, and go to them, hug them, kiss them and simply say THANK YOU FOR BEING YOU!
If we won’t take for granted what our men do, if we’ll appreciate their immense involvement in families and jobs, I think we’ll be able to make them happy, thus making ourselves happy and fulfilled.
Dear women, love your men, with flaws and all, because they’re worth it all!
P.S. My all, you’re my breath of fresh air, and my last drop of blood!

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