Where Did I Go?


Hey Everyone!

If you were wondering what happened to me for the last 2 weeks and why I wasn’t able to post anything new on my blog, making the long story short – I Got A Job!

I now have a full-time job at a big company in Montreal and last Friday was the mark of the completion of my first working week. I’m still in the adjustment period and everything is new to me and my family. My kid has a hard time with the change too, so a lot of the things were left aside for a later time.

The funny thing about this whole getting-a-job thing is that I was not even looking for work – it was basically handed to me in a form of proposal!

One day, I received a call from somebody close to me asking if I would consider getting a job as an X position. At first I was like “I don’t know. Maybe I should look into what the position is about and see if I want it.” Just a couple moments later, after a little research, I said “Why not, I still need the money before I grow my own blog into something bigger”. The following day, I got the surprise of the week to be called in for an interview! I was bummed, because who calls somebody for an interview in less than 24 hours?


I quickly agreed to come at the proposed time and had a pleasant interview with the Director. I ended up staying at the company for an additional 1 hour to see if I like the job, as the person whom I had to replace showed me around their programs and had done a short wrapped-up training. That hour proved so helpful and so interesting, that I went on to Director’s office to negotiate my contract.

Now, the tricky thing about me is that I kind of never had the courage to negotiate big stuff with people (honest confession that I might regret at some point of my life, because it might be played in my disadvantage one day. Nevertheless, this is the real me and it can’t get any realer than that). This time around though, I was determined to get a little bonus to my own fortune. When asked what I wanted, I said “1 hour shorter work-days and X amount of $”. To my surprise, the working schedule was accepted on the spot, whereas my salary was questioned and proposed to a lower amount. Having thought at the moment to give in and accept the amount they proposed because they accepted my reduced-hours-working-week, I had a glimpse of a moment that fired one single thought: “I settle in for the less! Why? I want more! Why don’t I ask for more?” There were so many moments in my life that I settled for the less, that this time around I just didn’t want to do it anymore! I wanted to stand up for what I wanted to obtain!


So in a moment of sheer terror and not knowing what to expect, I said: “No. I want X amount of $”.

Do you want to know what the director said? After a little pause, he looked down on the paper than at me, and said: “OK”. He said OK!!! I can’t tell you enough what kind of thoughts ran through my mind and what kind of all sorts of feelings I felt, but I was more than happy.

After the interview, while walking home, I couldn’t stop this other thought that stuck in my mind – that we are ALL missing out on so much in life only because we never ask for what we truly want! We admire those people who go for everything they want in life, yet, the majority of us don’t have the courage to jump for anything ourselves. We want to, but we just don’t. We are so afraid to be judged, refused or shamed, that we assume the worst and don’t give our wish a chance and a try. Why? What are we going to lose if we try? The simple answer I’ll give you is – NOTHING! We have absolutely nothing to lose if we give a shot to our desires.

After my hiring situation, I decided to never hesitate to ask for what I want or say out loud what I think. I have lived so many years trying to accommodate somebody else, comply to X or Y, be a good girl and so on and so forth. But I don’t want to anymore, because I have given up on so many of my own wishes.


So my urge to you today is to not settle for less, but always ask for more than you want in your heart. Try this one new thing that gets you out of your comfort zone today – don’t wait until tomorrow! Just jump in for the unknown and trust your own heart that things will work out better than you plan on them. Dare. Be the real you. Act on what you feel is true to yourself and don’t mind the mouths around you. Be realistic, but dreamy at the same time. If you’re scared – act against your fear and see what happens! Once you surrender to your dream and act on your instincts, you’ll discover your true colors and see how much more you are capable of accomplishing!

Today, remember that you are Important in this life, that you are Amazing and that your Dreams Matter! You are worth everything there is in this Universe and you can have it all, if only you take that leap.

Now, get up and do it!

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