The Good in Our Life


This week I feel such a big urge to write something encouraging to all of you, to tell you that everything is great and that Life knows what it does to get you where you need to be, even if you’re on some rough paths sometimes.

So, I just had this realization the other day that, in my case, the last couple of years got me quite tangled up in hardships and heavy days. But, lately, things kind of started sorting out all by themselves. They started arranging themselves to the right place and even better. There is not much effort required from me at the moment – things just work out! And then, I had this feeling of being scared for what’s to come. Because, as we all know, after things run so smoothly in life, something terrible is probably slowly boiling up to burst one day.


This fear is very human. Genetically, we are all afraid of the Good, because we believe that the Bad is just around the corner, or that we don’t really deserve the Good. But let me tell you one thing – finally having Good in life feels amazing!

My call to you for today is not to be scared of the Good coming into your life! Open the door widely and let it in. Don’t you ever think that Good is temporary and then life treats you badly. Having this privilege of wonderful events in life is just another step towards building yourself up. You are always worthy of the Amazing in your life, because, if you’d look back, you’d see that you’ve worked incredibly hard for it. So take it as your reward then, not as something that has fallen on you over the night. It’s your responsibility to enjoy every bit of your happiness! You deserve to sparkle because all the good happening to you right now is the result of your everyday actions.

But if you fear the worst, then remember one thing – this is all part of our journey! It’s all here for a while only. And, in the end, if life is always easy and never challenges us or throws us into uncomfortable situations, how are we all going to learn to be better than we were yesterday? My idea is – always go for all the events coming up your way! Bad ones, good ones, they are all there to teach us a treasure of knowledge and to make us more resilient in every possible way.


As a conclusion, it’s always up to each of us to perceive our events in life in one way or another. If you still can’t find the strength to see the positive, it’s alright! It’s all good and it will all work out because you are always doing the best you can for where you stand. We, human beings, are real survivors. We act on our instinct of staying alive and in good health. So no matter where life leads you, you will get out of there, and you will rise above your shit. Because you always do!

Be you! Do you! And love yourself just as much as you love that one special person in your life!

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