Take Charge of Your Life

Lately, I’ve been feeling kind of sluggish and uninspired. You’ll say that I feel this way all the time, because that’s pretty much all I write about. Right? The truth is – I live my happy moments in real life, when I’m physically with my beloved ones, in the exact moment when all of it happens. I tend to record these magical moments in my heart and in my memory. I hold these times so dear to my heart, that I simply don’t share them on social media or on my blog. (Even if I did, people still wouldn’t be able to understand my happiness). But that is just my way of being.
Yes, I do share more of the least pleasant stuff, but I find it liberating to vent out on my blog. It does me so much good, that the elation I feel after posting a text lasts for 2 days, no kidding. Again, some of you might say that my texts are not that captivating, but I’m sure there are people who can relate to what I write about, who feel what I feel and whom my texts bring a little joy. Yet, my texts are for everybody, like it or drop it.
So, getting closer to my today’s idea, I feel sluggish because I’m exhausted! Lately, there have been so many challenges in my life, that I often found myself stopping from doing something around 9 pm – 10 pm. And with a kid, believe me, that’s a huge thing. I almost never stopped doing something, be it around the house or for my personal/professional development. One time, I had this constant thought that there are not enough hours in the day. I needed more. When I realised there was no way I can get more time or do more, and my back-up isn’t coming, I said: “Girl, it’s time for a change!” (Yes, true, I say this to myself every other week, that’s how overwhelming it can get).
So it’s been two days since I wrote the first part of this blog text. As expected, it was the “uninspired” thing that kicked in, due to a couple of interruptive phone calls. Things didn’t get any easier since then, but I did give myself another perspective upon them.
Of course, the endless to-do lists, endless home chores, endless commitments, activities with kids, relationships with people that love you, and people that definitely don’t feel the same way about you as you do about them – this all drains you of all your juices. Yet, every day comes with new chances and new perspectives. For example, I so much enjoy going out these days, because the foliage of various trees is insanely beautiful. I even love walking in the rain (except this past Tuesday, when I got dripping wet right to my bones, for an 8-minute-walk 😆). And my baby started saying “I love you”! Of course, it sounds more like “I lala blu”, but who cares – that’s just such a huge thing for me! And the fact that she says “thank you”, and “bye”, and gives hugs to people when they’re not OK, is a humongous milestone for me, because it means that I did a great job so far in educating my child. And she’s only 18 months old.

All this means that we, as human beings, should remind ourselves more about the good stuff going on in our lives. It’s so easy to get into the trap of negativity and critical self-thinking, that sometimes we don’t know the exit out of there. Our duty though, by the end of the day, is to think what was GOOD about that specific day that we just lived. And believe me, there’s absolutely no single day that goes by without some good in it! We just have to believe in ourselves, in our power of living the lives we want and decide what we want. I still get astounded by the number of people I know that live the lives they don’t want. I did it too in the past! But it’s in our power to pluck up our courage and take the big leap. Sluggish, uninspired – it’s all just a matter of time. In the end, it’s up to us to make it work (as cliché as it sounds).

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