Time, love, life and… death

When we are born, we are given the most amazing gifts of all: time, love, life and… death.
None of these are transferrable or exchangeable. You can’t bargain on these gifts, you can’t trade them for something else. Also, you can’t touch them or get a grasp of them…
Life is this stretch of events we get to live and experience every day. Some of them define us, some of them define our state of mind at that time but don’t necessarily characterize who we are. We spend time doing things we love and things we dislike. We wake up every morning and hope that it will be a better day. Some days we just don’t feel like waking up from bed, yet, we do it, we go to our kitchens to make breakfast and we carry on with our day as if nothing is going on. We feel dragged down by the burdens we carry on our shoulders and we think that some things will never go away. Some days we feel like living up to every second of the day and that happiness that avails us seems to linger for so long. Yet, we find out the next morning that it’s all gone. These are the kind of days we never want to end, because there always come those other days, when all you can think about is how to get it over with. What you don’t understands, though, is that you make a step closer to your inevitable end. Today, you might feel like the world belongs to you and everything is possible for you. The next day you feel like nothing is worth the while and you’re wasting your time. Time! This beauty walking hand in hand with Life! We’re all so lucky to have been given the time to live this life. Yet, there are so many of us who don’t appreciate it and let it simply pass, as if there are other countless days after this one. We think we’re spared of the pain of time, yet, we live it every single day. We waste time on useless things, on negativity, on meaningless activities, on treacherous emotions and people, leaving behind what really matters. Every day life sucks us into the swamp of busyness and we don’t get the precious moment to just sit back and think about who we really are and what we really want in life. Our dreams, our hopes and deepest wishes are swallowed by those things that justify our survival, but not our true existence and our true selves. I wonder when was the last time you took time to think about your true plans for the future. Did you get to think that tomorrow might never come and that no days are guaranteed to us? Are you going to be happy and proud of yourself tomorrow? Is this that you’re doing right now is what you actually want to do in life? There are so many questions we can ask ourselves, yet we don’t do it. We hide away from what we want, only because we find warmth and comfort in secondary greatness.
There are so many times in life when we take decisions in favor of something that doesn’t represent us as ourselves, just to get something that somebody else considers awesome. We then take other actions that get us farther and farther from our own path, losing along sight of truthfulness and integrity. We lose what’s dearest and replace it with emptiness. We think we have everything what we have wished for, when, in fact, we have more of what others wanted us to have. We lose contact with who we really are and we live life as that’s exactly how it’s all supposed to be.
Time, love and life are given once in a lifetime, for that people use them as they were meant to in all their earthly greatness.
If I were to cry out to each person in the world, I would simply say: “Love life! Live it fully with odds and all. Cry your ass off if you need to when you can’t lift yourself up from the ground. Don’t look back at the things you’ve done that made you fail or whatever, just keep your chin up, learn your mistakes and start again. Love your family and close ones – they’re your only true supporters and they suffer when you’re hurt! Give time to those who truly matter in life and cut out those who don’t serve you as a human being. Waking up every morning and going out there makes a difference, believe me. Don’t go chasing the gold when the gold is within you!”
Your life may not always be great, but it’s wonderful, and when you know that you’re doing your best, nothing could go wrong. Today, you have the chance to live up to your dreams and be the one YOU that you always wanted to be. Don’t trade that on something else, because you are who you are, and that can’t be changed, even in Heavens!

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