There’s Just One Life to Live…


Today, I don’t feel like writing about smart stuff. I feel like writing about LIFE.

This morning, when I came to the office and was taking some water from the cooler, I was told that the son of a close colleague had suddenly passed away last night. He was in his 30s.

For my colleague, the Universe had turned upside down. There is nothing in this world that will bring peace to her mother’s heart, that will comfort her in this time of grief, that will relieve all her suffering. There is no sign to show her that everything will be fine, because nothing is fair or right for her right now. She’s a mother that has to live without her child.

Today, as a human being, and as a mother, I call on you to stop for a moment and think about your relationships in life. Think about life, in general. Be grateful for your beloved ones and for all you have together. Today is the most we can get from life so far, as we never know what awaits for us around the corner. Love intensely, say the words you’ve been meaning to say, hug and kiss as much as possible the ones you love most – ESPECIALLY your children (!), be truthful, be righteous, live life with your eyes wide open.


If you’re going through a rough patch of life, or you have difficult relationships in life, just be grateful for them too, because they grow you in ways you don’t see yet, but which will reveal themselves when the storm calms down. As for those relationships – if you really care about the person(s) that you’re having challenges with, just let it all go and try to see the situation from a different angle, or, why not, from the standpoint of that same person.

Life can be bitter-sweet, but it doesn’t mean it’s terrible or not worth living. Everything that happens to us every single day represents the beauty of it all, teaches us precious lessons and opens our hearts to miracles.

And, before it’s too late, I’ll repeat once again – LOVE your beloved ones with all your being, at every occasion possible tell them how much you love them, spend quality time with them, set aside any rancor arising and let go of all the negative. Because there’s just one life to live…

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