We Are All Strong Women

Last Tuesday I had a very busy day and I didn’t manage to check off all the tasks in my agenda. I did a lot of planning for my blog, have written 2 important documents that took me longer than I anticipated, cooked dinner, did a little cleaning, and at 3:30 pm I went to my daughter’s daycare graduation party. All this, in just a little over 4 hours. I was so tired by 5 pm, yet, I felt a huge satisfaction in me, telling me that “all is fine”.
So I thought of the millions of women out there – working moms, stay-at-home-moms, young ladies, teen girls – all who are working on something and trying their best every single day to live a happy and fulfilled life. The behind-the-scenes part, though, is the most difficult one.
With this in mind, I wanted to remind you all, dear women, that you are wonderful creatures on this Earth, who do more in a day than a man does in a week, who carry so much burden on your shoulders that you rarely get to take care of yourselves properly. Without hesitation, you give your emotions to people around you. You give creative solutions to any problems down your path. You emanate kindness and people feel safe around you. But you also doubt yourselves too much, when, in fact, you must praise your own efforts every day. You beat yourselves up for things you did or didn’t do, when, it’s only natural to act differently despite your thoughts. You fill your day with long to-do lists and feel terrible if you don’t accomplish them all.
Please, ladies, give yourselves a break. Love yourselves first to be able to give love to others. Remember to breath and make peace with the fact that you can’t do it all. You are so strong and so powerful, but you rarely see it yourselves. Unleash your energy and be the best person you want to be, and the rest will fall to its place. Your efforts are more than enough, believe me. And you are incredible, despite what people around you may say.
Remember to always be YOU! And have fun more often, because there’s only one life to live.


To give you another perk up, I invite you to read an older post of mine: Give yourself a break – you deserve it!, that will give you an insight into my not-so-perfect life (but I still love it!).

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