Turning Problems Into Solutions


Hi, my dear readers!

I’ve been completely out-of-space for the past couple of weeks, and I’ve missed you a lot. I have also missed writing on my blog and sharing whatever comes to my mind.

For the time I was absent, I had several big issues I had to sort for my family and myself. These issues were of such different profiles, that I had a really hard time switching from one problem to another. This fact, in a very weird way, reminded me that it’s time to slow down and do things step by step.

You might relate to what I will tell you in a moment, because – hey, we’re all human beings, right?

So, you know those days when you feel overwhelmed by your countless tasks, when you feel pressure to have it all done by the end of the day, even if unpleasant surprises sprint by afternoon and you juggle it all, feeling out of breath? You have days in a week when you feel so pumped up and you accomplish your most difficult tasks with a breeze, and when you feel powerful and at your prime. But then you have other days when you can’t get your ass off your bed, and your entire body feels heavy, your head confused, and you don’t know what to do first, even if the to-do list is right there, in front of you.

I felt the same way for the past couple of weeks. But let me tell you how I turned my problems into solutions.


Because I have the luxury to be home and do my work in the comfort of my couch or terrace, I took a day “off”. I woke up one morning with such a terrible migraine and so overwhelmed, that I decided on the spot to take the day for myself. I took my daughter to the daycare, I returned home and did some meditation. I then looked at my agenda in a perspective, and I decided to sort my tasks into IMPORTANT and URGENT (to the suggestion of Stephen R. Covey, writer of “Primary Greatness”). Urgent tasks are present in our lives every single day, but the paradox of them is that they are not all Important! If we concentrate on the Important tasks, we’ll be much more satisfied and accomplished in the end. The Important, of course, depends on each of us individually and understanding them also solves half of our problems.

Consequently, I decided to do absolutely nothing work-related that day. I spent the day doing things that I like, I ate a good lunch, I slept for 1 hour, I cooked dinner, I picked up my girl from daycare and we both went to the park to play outdoors. The entire time I was not involved in “doing”, I had the chance to really analyze what my goals were for the next couple of days, keeping in perspective my long-term goals as well. I realized one thing that was not useful in my life, and I came up with a plan to cut if off painlessly. I also saw one weak point in my life right now, that will require a lot of my attention and energy, and I’m working on planning that improvement for the time being. Before that, I was not able to see that weakness, but it actually has a big impact on my life, every single day!

To my own luck, that day also brought some interesting ideas to my mind I was always afraid to try, but also – and that’s a long-time-ago-first for me – that day gave me the courage to confront some people I would otherwise avoid in order to minimize conflict! As a result, I understood how much more guts and ideas are there inside of me, and, most of all – how important it is to speak your mind and be the one you really want to be.


You see, you will always have your days filled with “unpostponable” tasks, endless places you need to be in, obligations you can’t deny, and so on, but it is of your highest duty to stop sometimes, take a deep breath and give yourself a break. Remind yourself that you don’t have to do it all every single time, that some things can wait, that nothing terrible will happen if you won’t wash those dishes or make a salad for dinner, or be somewhere, or whatever you have on your list. Remind yourself that you are a human being and you are trying your best every single day to make it a great one. But if you’re a parent or a caregiver, even better – you don’t always have to do it all, you don’t always have to attend to everybody and everything, you don’t always have to make it right!


Don’t be afraid to take pauses. Don’t be afraid to live your own life. Don’t be afraid of fails or doing nothing. Give yourself some time and you’ll be back on track full power on. We can’t constantly give to this world, we need to also take something back, in order to be happy and to be able to go on. The whole idea that we must always work, be busy and occupied to the brim of our days is so overrated! It only stresses us out as crazy, and we end up even more stressed because we didn’t manage to do this or that task. As human beings, it is not healthy to be wired to “doing” 100%. We need to allow ourselves the time and space to figure out what is really important in life, what is most important to US!

Each of us is a beautiful individual populating this Earth. Then why do we burden ourselves with the unnecessary things, that seem so urgent, yet, so destructive to our being?! Don’t you ever forget to love yourself, because there is no other YOU in this world, but you!

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