My Pet Peeve of the Week

Pet peeve of the week: Not being able to sleep, rest or do things around the house/for the family/for myself.
So, I’m shoving in my mouth a huge chunk of red velvet muffin with cream cheese frosting. The muffins – I made them myself. I have been so disconnected from life for the past couple of weeks, that I can’t do anything but eat my way into the day.
My daughter has fever. My husband has a very bad flu virus. My house is half wrecked. My hair looks like it could use a little up-do. And my face…well, my face just screams for some rest and peace. I forgot when I last slept an entire night. I forgot what it means to just sit quietly and do your sh*t. I’ve been catering the entire time to one member of the family, then to the other. My time off – is in the toilet, on the loo (which, by unhappy circumstances, gets interrupted by a cranky toddler). Anyways, THIS momma needs a HUGE BREAK!
The funny thing though is, that this kind of week isn’t a single occurrence – I find myself in different kind of similar situations EVERY.SINGLE.WEEK!
So, I was wondering: Do you feel like you’re out of breath all the time? Like you are ready to jump off a cliff only to get some time alone? Like you prefer dark woods over a cosy apartment?
Whatever your situation, whatever your way, all I want to say is, that YOU ARE NOT ALONE! Life is hard and it challenges us every day, yet, we just hold on an entire day and we find ourselves in bed at the end of the day, thinking that tomorrow is another day and that things might be different tomorrow. Then you wake up the following day, and it all goes on the same. And so on and so forth. You get the drill.
Nevertheless, I believe that this kind of hardships make us who we are, grow us and keep us energized. Yes, I am tired as hell now. Yes, I wish I had less difficult days than I do now. Yes, I’m in a bad need of a vacation. But I believe that all this has a bigger purpose in life. Sometimes I’m miserable, other times I’m the happiest and most productive person I can be. It goes round and round, and it shifts. And that is a good thing too.
And, by the way, my baby just woke up from her nap, and she’s screaming “Mommy, mommy, mommy, mommy” now. So I gotta go. Mommy-entertainer mode ON and here I come!
Talk to you later, my beautiful readers!

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