4 Tips to Get Over Unwanted Comments at Work


I can’t believe it’s been 1 month since I started my new job. As a continuation of my last blog post, today I want to reveal to you some so-called survival tips at work when things don’t really go the way you want them to.

During my first week at work, I had several comments, like “How come you work fewer hours than the entire department?”; “You won’t work Saturdays?”; “How does it happen that you obtained all this?”.

Because I have negotiated different terms than the rest of the department, they were too obvious from the get-go. And namely:

↳ the working hours for my department are 8:30 am – 6:00 pm → I work only until 5:00 pm every day;

↳ all employees work every 2nd Saturday of the month → I don’t, at all!

↳ plus, I negotiated a higher salary than the entry-level (but nobody knows about it).


Now, I went for these terms only because I needed to accommodate my toddler who’s in daycare and we have no help available but my husband and I making all the arrangements for our family.

To be clear, none of the comments were mean or in a negative tone, they were simply asked in awe. I figured, though, that, in a new setting with so much new stuff going on, there are countless people who find this kind of comments unpleasant and overwhelming. It’s very easy to give in to negativity when you are more vulnerable, yet trying to impress on the job. And, by the way, women are more susceptible to feeling guilty, ashamed and unworthy of their benefits, even if they fought for them (tell me about the irony of life!).

So, below is a list of things you can do to not-really-give-a-shit about what people say but concentrate on learning, doing your job great and going for the gold.


  1. Keep in mind WHY you negotiated your own terms and what is the higher purpose behind your requests.

This one is quite straightforward – you need to work and make money, but you also have other (personal) needs that must be met, no shame in that. If you are able to get what you ask for – good for you! Be proud of yourself and keep working on your own terms and schedule.

  1. Focus on your final goal and brush off any unwanted discussions.

Keeping yourself busy with what you chose to do will help you detach easier from all the uncomfortable comments. Plus, excelling at work will make you feel like a badass and motivate you to ask for more. So get used to discomfort, ‘cause it will bring you to new heights!

  1. Don’t take things personally.

First of all, people always talked around and it must not concern you what they all think. If it helps, know that people ask such kind of questions along with the personal/professional type of Qs out of complete novelty and pure curiosity when meeting you for the first time. So, feed them some short answers without getting into too much detail.


  1. Remember that you are awesome and you are worthy of more than you think!

If your employer agreed to accept your requirements, it means that you’re the Real Deal and that they saw a great potential in you. So, you still got some feelings of doubt after this one phrase? Just look at yourself and see how wonderful you are. The rest is just not relevant!

So, ready to rock your world? Do what you have to in order to get where you want to be. If you have moments of stumbles-and-falls, don’t worry about them, learn some more and keep on moving, even if through tears and sweat.

Now, go out there and shine brighter, because you already do!

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